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Dental Implants Are Most Like Natural Teeth

Dental Implants

What would you give to wave a magic wand and turn back the hands of time to get what was stolen from you? Well, you don’t have to be a wizard to have the benefits of dental implants. With today’s implant technology, you could be a candidate to have the comfort and security to eat, smile, and laugh like you deserve.

Dental Implants

Are you interested in dental implants?

  • Are you frustrated, embarrassed or just plain fed up with your mouth?
  • Are you missing teeth?
  • Are you wearing partials or dentures that just rub your gums raw causing painful sores?

It doesn’t have to be that way. find out how you can get back 90% of the chewing force you had at 18 years old!

To receive your FREE Report, please call our 24-hour, toll-free recorded message hotline below and request our free report at 888-744-9298. It is a recorded call, so no Live Person will answer. For a FREE Report titled: “9 Critical Secrets How You Can Turn Back the Hands of Time!” Plus, a bonus report titled: “10 Questions You MUST Ask Any Dentist to Find The Right One For You!”

Read Our Patient Testimonials

“Dental Implants have provided a life-changing experience for me.”

As a professional singer and active young adult it was a blessing to have permanent teeth instead of dentures. Due to a hereditary condition, I had to have nine implants the first time and now have a total of thirteen. They give me confidence to smile, laugh, talk, sing and eat in public. I am diligent to keep them in good condition for a long lifetime of use.

Anyone needing dentures should give serious consideration to Implants for the freedom they provide. Dr. Dunn and the staff at Chemung Family Dental have been informative, supportive and caring throughout my many implant procedures. And though I now live over 25 miles away, I continue to get my dental care at their office because I greatly appreciate that Dr. Dunn takes time to answer all my questions, is always professional and stays abreast of leading edge dental technology. 

– Bonnie K. Scott

“The implant has been better then most of my original teeth.”

Many years ago, I fell while ice skating, and injured an upper front tooth. My dentist, at the time, performed a root canal, and the tooth was fine for another 30 years. Then, one night, while eating a french fry, the tooth split up the middle! It had to be extracted, leaving a gaping hole in the front of my mouth! After discussing several options with Dr. Dunn, I elected to have an implant. The procedure went well and for the last 10 years the implant has been better then most of my original teeth.

Other benefits I have come to appreciate are that the implant requires less professional care than my original teeth, no special treatment from me, and best of all…nobody can tell it’s an implant! The implant gave me back my smile, improved my self esteem, and certainly had a positive impact on my professional career. I strongly recommend that everyone consider a dental implant as an excellent option for replacing a missing tooth. Thank you!

– John R. Tallis Jr.


“I feel so much more confident when I smile…”

I have had my implants for some time now and have enjoyed them immensely! I feel they are better than my original teeth! NO CAVITIES every time I visit the dentist! Even though they do require attention. I feel so much more confident when I smile and that alone means a lot to me! I am glad I do not have to take them out to clean as I would have to dentures. Thanks again to Dr. Dunn and his great assistants!

– Mike Finch


“I am extremely pleased with the results… so much so that I am in the process of having a Second Implant…”

About 3 years ago, I took a Major Step in my Dental Care by contacting the folks at Chemung Family Dental, first to inquire and then having an Implant Performed to an Upper Pre Molar. I was somewhat apprehensive to have an Implant done but did not like the alternate choices. Once completed, I have found the results to be “far in excess” of my hope and expectations. The Implant has never given me any problems, acts like a “normal tooth” and does not even require the recommended daily attention.

The Implant Surgery itself was trouble free, painless and took no more than 15 minutes to perform. I am extremely pleased with the results…so much so that I am in the process of having a Second Implant done by the same Oral Surgeon and of course, Chemung Family Dental. Should anyone wish to discuss this procedure and my experience having it done, I am available for a phone conversation most any time.

– Al Rakowski


“The implant successfully restored my teeth to full natural use…”

Three years ago, Dr. Dunn installed a molar implant on the left side of my lower jaw. For many years, this area had been worn down considerably and covered with fillings. However, the implant successfully restored my teeth to full natural use, allowing me to eat anything I want without discomfort or inconvenience of any kind. I’m not even aware I have the implant. Because of Dr. Dunn’s professional skill, thoughtful guidance in my care and regard for his patients’ wishes and needs, I would certainly consult him first for any additional implants.

– Stuart Finch


“WOW!… I can eat!”

It all began when I had dentures.. I could not wear the bottoms at all.. made so many sores, then the sores would break and YUCK…I met Dr. Dunn and he told me to smile as he took x-rays.. My insurance would not pay for the bottom implants, but I wanted to eat more than mashed potatoes… The first thing I did was to eat a raw carrot… Would I do it again?… YES…YES…YES…

– Delores Morgan


“The staff there make me feel like a welcome guest… and still do.”

Dr. Dunn made me an implant several months ago. From start to finish it was a good experience. After thoroughly explaining the procedure (there were some difficult aspects in my case), Dr. Dunn and his dental assistant worked quickly and efficiently. I remember no pain and was surprised when the procedure was finished. The implant works – it fits my jaw, looks good and is like real teeth for eating. I have to mention that the front desk (billing and appointment) was part of that implant experience. The staff there make me feel like a welcome guest… and still do.

– Lee R. Kiesling


“Going out to eat is a pleasure and enjoying my life without pain is even better.”

Although I received dental care for most of my life, I developed gum issues in my 40′s. After undergoing gum scraping and other procedures, I began to lose gum tissue and as a result had to have my teeth extracted. Wearing dentures and getting used to them was very difficult. There were always spots that rubbed and as a result blisters would form on my gum tissue. Because of all the work done on my gums, there was very little gum area for my dentures to rest on. My physical health began to weaken because I couldn’t eat what I needed or wanted. I would avoid many foods because I knew that my mouth would be sore after eating them.

Several years ago, I was introduced to Dr. Richard Dunn who told me that he could help me. Implants were placed in my mouth to fasten my dentures so they wouldn’t slip anymore. I can’t tell you how that changed my life. I no longer focus on my mouth anymore because I have no issue with it. I eat anything I want to without thought. My general health is excellent especially for my age. I might add that I do take good care of my implants and dentures, cleansing and regular checkups are a must. It seems a small price to pay for the comfort my mouth and dentures give me.

I would recommend implants to anyone who has suffered from chronic issues related to their teeth, gum or dentures. I would also recommend Dr. Dunn. He brought me through a most difficult time in my life relating to my denture issues and for that I will ever be grateful. Going out to eat is a pleasure and enjoying my life without pain is even better. My thanks to Dr. Richard Dunn and his staff!

– Hazel Walters

”I am now very confident with my smile and can enjoy my life more fully.”

A few years ago at age 55 I was faced with the extraction of two molars. I was devastated. I work in a dental office and greet people every day. My employer, Dr. Richard Dunn at Chemung Family Dental has been doing implants for over 25 years. Dr. Dunn told me dental implants would be the best treatment for me. He said implants would be a permanent and beautiful solution for my missing teeth. Dr. Dunn guided me through the implant process. I am now very confident with my smile and can enjoy my life more fully.

– Karen Robbins

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