ChemungFamilyDentistrySign We practice Comprehensive Dentistry. This means that your dental care will be extremely thorough.

Adult visits with our hygienists will include complete medical history review, periodontal (gum) charting and exam, diagnostic X-rays as needed, oral cancer and soft tissue exam, Velscope oral cancer screening test, TMJ analysis, doctor exam and the appropriate cleaning and preventive procedures for your specific needs.

Child visits will be somewhat similar with a great emphasis on prevention, growth and development, decay detection, sealants and fluoride treatments to prevent decay, orthodontic and wisdom teeth (third molars) evaluation with appropriate referrals as needed.

In both children and adults we are using laser detection with the use of the DIAGNOdent instrument for early caries detection that often can be missed with the clinical exam and x-rays.

We do interceptive orthodontic treatment with removable and fixed appliances to correct minor tooth misalignment and to guide proper growth and development as well as Invisalign Orthodontics with the use of “clear” aligners. With Invisalign there are no unsightly brackets and wires and they are very comfortable to wear.

As previously stated we provide our patients with a broad scope of dental care and treatments.

We perform various restorative (fillings) procedures including cosmetic bonding and tooth colored (non-metallic) fillings. We do cosmetic dentistry as seen on the TV program “Extreme Makeover” including bleaching (tooth whitening), composite bonding, minor tooth movement and porcelain veneers and crowns to remake your smile.

We offer computerized CAD-CAM dentistry with our CEREC that allows us to make metal-free porcelain restorations. One appointment- you leave that same day with your permanent restoration, no gaggy, messy impressions or uncomfortable temporaries to wear that can fall out!

If you have missing teeth we can replace them with fixed bridges (crowns or caps that are joined together), implants (please go to the implant tab) or removable partial and full dentures (plates).

We lead the area in implant diagnosis and restoration with over 25 years of experience.

We also do endodontic (root canal) and more advanced periodontal (gum) non-surgical treatment should you require it. Minor oral surgery as tooth extraction can also be performed on an individual basis.

We construct nightguards for patients that suffer from bruxism (grinding) and clenching to prevent TMJ syndrome, athletic mouthguards for all ages and work in conjunction with the Sleep Centers to make intra-oral sleep apnea appliances.

We appreciate that dental visits for some of our patients can be stressful and therefore offer nitrous-oxide conscious sedation in conjunction with a new anesthesia technique with the Dental Vibe to provide you with the most comfortable, pleasant and stress-free dental experience possible by delivering pain-free numbing.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to call us at 607-734-2045 or click to contact us directly.

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