DIAGNOdent is a hand held laser caries detection system that is used at Chemung Family Dental. Very small carious lesions and incipient or hidden decay can be detected with the DIAGNOdent that may not be detectable with standard diagnostic procedures as x-rays and the clinical exam with a dental explorer.

diagnodent use2

The DIAGNOdent allows us to diagnose these “hidden” caries in the grooves and pits of the teeth at the earliest stages thereby preserving tooth structure and health and preventing the development of deep, extensive decay with the loss of tooth structure requiring more extensive dental procedures to restore the teeth. The early detection of decay by using the DIAGNOdent allows us to use minimally invasive and less costly restorative techniques, such as sealants, to preserve the tooth structure and prevent further development and spread of the decay.

The DIAGNOdent is over 90% accurate and allows us to monitor caries progression in teeth.

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